As the Coronavirus pandemic continues, Wellbeing Solutions continues to deliver our core function – to support your organisation through supporting, reassuring and helping your employees through these difficult and challenging times.

As the pandemic has developed, it has become clear that the changes and shifts in workplace arrangements will be a mainstay for the foreseeable future. As new variants develop, and new waves come and go, we expect a ‘groundhog’ day scenario of rolling restrictions.

While the worldwide scenario in regard to the pandemic may be unpredictable and ever-changing, what remains a constant is our corporate mental health services. As it has throughout the pandemic, our helpline is running 24/7, Monday to Sunday, so that employees can get the support they need as and when they need it.

Face-to-face counselling, delivered in local clinics, or in suitably adapted settings in counsellor’s homes, was suspended in March 2020. Prior to then, over 50% of our counselling therapy sessions were delivered in this way. From March 2020, we introduced a major programme of moving our face-to-face counselling to video counselling, using platforms such as Zoom and Teams. It was and remains important to ensure that these sessions remain completely confidential and secure. We are now fully engaged in transitioning back to delivering face-to-face counselling, and gradually but steadily resuming this service delivery model.

To support our customers and their staff, we have introduced a broad range of flexible and targeted new services and products, including multiple webinar and training, awareness and clinical support sessions. We continue to develop new initiatives and mental health services to support employees and employers alike, and we remain flexible and robust when it comes to service delivery through the pandemic.

As your organisation continually updates your workforce on your own pandemic response measures, please remember to confidently reference and remind your staff of your EAP service – here to help and reassure.