Many employees are having to deal with very traumatic situations as part of their jobs – while simultaneously coping with personal challenges caused by self-isolation, and anxiety for themselves and loved ones. We have assembled a team of our most experienced counsellors who are on call to deliver a range of Mindfulness & Resilience Group Conference Calls with teams of your staff. Each 60-minute session will be tailor-made to match the exact needs and circumstances of the employees who will participate – you simply need to outline your team’s role and composition – and we will deliver a stand-alone or a series of online group conferencing sessions for them.

The main topics covered are:

Work-Related Trauma Support:

  • Supporting teams dealing with traumatic situations in their job roles.
  • Building team and personal resilience to cope with traumatic incidents.
  • Emotional resilience when facing life-threatening situations (i.e. virus exposure).
  • Coping with traumatic events for the first time.
  • Coaching and support for managers and team leaders.

Building Personal Resilience:

  • Looking after our own mental health in times of crisis.
  • Understanding how trauma affects us and those around us.
  • How to turn off, unwind and unpack harrowing events.
  • Coping with self-isolation in times of stress and uncertainty.

These group sessions are carried out via video conference and can be provided for up to 10 members of staff. A one-off session can be delivered or as a series to support teams over a period of time. Click here for a full details and pricing or send us a message.